The life and times of Jack, Owen and Ella Crossett

Thursday, June 28, 2012

More Baseball

Jack had another baseball game yesterday in the sweltering heat but we had a surprise for him that we knew he would LOVE. Before the game Ella had to get prepared with her summer outfit and shades!

 The game started as usual...hanging at third base.
 Owen doesn't know what is coming either.
 Getting ready to hit a grand slam!

 Back in the field at short stop...wait a minute, what is that over there?!?!
 Excited because he saw his surprise!
 There is the surprise! Aunt Sarah and Aunt Becky came to the game! All three kids were SO EXCITED!!!

 One happy kiddo!

 Love this!
 Ella had to get back to running up and down the hill. Priorities.
 Finally out of the field to see his Aunts!!!

 Still on the hill.
 Jack and Aidan.

 Still excited!
 Still on the hill.

Aunt Becky gets to hang out with us for a few days before heading back to Madison. We can't wait!!!

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Karen said...

YAY! It's so fun to see how much the kids love their Aunt Becky and Aunt Sarah! :)