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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Madison Part 1: Getting to Becky!

Last weekend we got to go visit Aunt Becky in Madison with Grandpa Pete and Grandma Nancy. The kids had NO IDEA we were going until I picked Jack up early for school and sprung the news. They were crazy excited and shocked! Grandma Nancy planned for us to take the Lake Express ferry across Lake Michigan from Muskegon to Milwaukee so getting there was a total adventure. Here is Jack waiting for the boat.
 You can see the boat in the background here.
 Owen was so excited the boat was coming!
 Waiting to board the boat.

 We got settled at a table while the other passengers boarded before heading up to the sun deck.
 I love this picture. I can tell how excited Jack is even though he is barely in the picture and great smiles from Owen and Grandma!
 Checking out the window. Serious business.
 Miss Ella :)

 Seriously? So cute!

 Up on the sun deck Owen continued to be cute...

 The boys were very excited to see the submarine that we passed in the channel heading out to the main lake.
 Mommy and the monkeys.

 The marina area we pulled out of.
 Checking out all there is to see as we head out to the main lake.

 Back inside we ate and played games until we could see Milwaukee on the other side then the real excitement began!

 There it is!
 I thought Jack was going to get blown off the boat. It was SUPER windy on the sun deck when the boat was going full speed on the main lake.
 The boys getting excited to see Aunt Becky!

 Getting closer!
 Looking for Becky on the dock.
 Getting goofy from excitement!
 Him too!
 Our dock spot...but we couldn't see Becky yet!
 Grandma told them to look for her....
 Waving their arms so she could spot them on the boat!

 Seriously SO excited!

 Ella sees her!
 There she is!

 Then the tired set in...zombie baby!
 Looking for Becky when we got off the boat.

 We made it!!!

 Can't even look at this picture without crying a little. Love this relationship!

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Karen said...

What an awesome trip!!!
Everyone looks great... love to see all the smiling faces! :)