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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Madison Part 2: City Livin'

Friday night we arrived late and the kids all fell asleep in the car after dinner so we woke up Saturday and went swimming in the hotel pool. It was the same hotel we stayed in the last trip with the awesome pool so the kids had a blast! Then we headed to check out Becky's new place. This is the view from her front porch.

 And THIS. The kids were so excited!

 After the park we took advantage of Madison's amazing bike trails and bike rentals and rode our bikes to lunch. Jack did great on the 5 mile round trip. Owen made it there and we left his bike to pick up later and he rode back with Ella in the trailer. Here we are preparing!

 On the bike boulevard where bikes can take up the whole street! I took all these pictures while riding a bike so they are not all perfect quality like my normal work ;)

 Ella was so tired! Conked out!

 The boys loved riding under this bridge!
 Still passed out!
 At lunch Ella woke up for some food. Of course!
 The kids loved this gas pump outside of the restaurant. They thought it was super cool!

 One of our favorite Madison eateries, Monty's Blue Plate!

 Riding back to Becky's house!

We spent that afternoon at the park then back to the hotel to swim. The trip was short so Sunday we woke up to swim one more time then headed back to the boat. We had a perfect little trip though and the weather could not have been better. Mostly we were just all so happy to see Aunt Becky! Can't wait until the next time!!!

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Becky said...

LOVE THE PICTURES! Best weekend of fun!