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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

More Baby Gus...and The Crossett Cuties!

Gus had a little bit of a rough start so he had to spend a few days in the NICU. Here he is hanging out on Day 2 of his life!

 Talking to Mommy.
 They made him this sign for his NICU crib.
 Sweet snuggles.

 So lovely :)

 Today (Day 3) Daddy Paul got some Gus time while I was visiting in the morning.
 Sweet, sweet baby.

 Getting my baby snuggles.
 Sleepy guy before I left.

 Gus got released from the hospital and came over to Grandma and Grandpa's house to meet his cousins and celebrate Paul's Birthday. The kids were SO excited to meet him and they ran down to their car the second it pulled in!
 Mob scene on Baby Gus!

 So tiny in his carseat.

 Yes, Ella was THIS excited!
 Birthday boy with his baby.
 Owen holding cousin Gus for the very first time.

 So proud and in love. He told me earlier when we were talking about the weather that the nicest day he ever had was the day Gus was born because he was so excited that Gus was here :)
 Sweet Baby
 Jack holding Gus

 Ella taking her turn. I love these pictures because you can see how happy Sarah is to have her baby out of the hospital and on the way home!

 She's in LOVE.

 A kiss for her baby.
 Cousins. So many fun times to come. This makes me so, so happy!
 Owen took lots of pictures like this.

 Happy Birthday Paul! Holding his best gift :)
 Gus with his "0" Birthday cake!

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Karen said...

These pictures are so precious! Thanks for posting Emily!