The life and times of Jack, Owen and Ella Crossett

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


These pictures document the rest of June. Most of them are from my phone so the quality isn't great but it gets the point across! I am determined to catch up on all these pictures!!! Here is Miss Ella just being cute!
 Owen's last day of school. Love this kiddo!
 The Lugnuts game!

 Enjoying a day on the boat!

 Park day with the kiddos

 Sleepy Owen :)

 Fun new camera trick

 Owen gets his baseball uniform!

 Jack's first game!
 Donuts after strawberry picking. The best part!

 A hot baseball game with Owen

 Swimming at Baycourt park. Such a fun play to go!

 We hit the playground after swimming.
 Batting cages and trampoline night with Grandpa Pete at Sportway!

 Kensington Spray Park

 Jack going on an extra strawberry picking trip with Mommy. He picked a LOT of berries all by himself!

 Making 4th of July cookie cups before heading up north for the Holiday week.

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