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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Road Trip

We took a long weekend road trip down to southern Illinois and St. Louis for the Crossett Family campout. The kids were excited starting out on our long drive...

 We decided to break up the trip by staying in Indianapolis so the kids could relax and swim before driving the last few hours.

 We hit the road the next day to get to the camp out.

 The kids got to play with some the Crossett side of the family that we rarely get to see in the few days we were at the camp ground.

 The day before we were heading home we went to St. Louis with the Malichky family to check out the city. Here is the crew walking in the city.
 We went to check out the arch. Pretty neat!

 Then found this mini-arch next to the Cardinals stadium.
 The kids played in this fountain downtown...

 One last view of the city before we headed back to Indianapolis and then home!

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Sarah Larson said...

Now I know the origin of the metal detector enthusiasm