The life and times of Jack, Owen and Ella Crossett

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fall Festival

Today we went to the Fall Festival at the farm center of one of the local Metroparks. We got to see animals and do lots of fun things. Here are some pictures!
Jack and Mommy meeting the baby pigs
Jack trying to escape the pictures in front of bigger baby pigs
Grandma and Jack watching the animals
Mommy and Jack with a big cow
Mommy showing Jack a cow. He was unsure at best.
Owen and Grandpa checking out the cow
Jack in front of an old tractor
Jack getting a balloon from the clown before the magic show. He wasn't sure about this guy
Owen liked him better
Jack trying out the saddle
Grandma, Jack and Daddy painting a pumpkin
Jack giving it a try
Daddy taking over
Jack getting his football sticker
Daddy and Jack showing off Jacks pumpkin project
Owen conked out
Jack finally touched the cow!
Then the pig!
Not so sure about the chicken still
The goats stayed away from him
Owen after we got home tonight climbing on my leg
Jack causing trouble

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