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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sisters with Blisters

First I want to say congratulations to Sarah and Becky for completing their first (and only?) marathon!!! I could not be more proud not just of the marathon but of the 4.5 months of training that went into it!!! You are amazing and strong and watching you both cross that finish line was truly inspirational. YOU DID IT!!!!!

My road to marathon glory was far less glorious than theirs. In fact I made it to the finish line via ambulance. Lovely. I hurt my knee about 3 weeks ago during a training run and have been unable to run since then (or walk much of the time) but I decided to try the race anyways. After 451 miles of training in the past 18 weeks I figured I should at least give it a shot! I was trying to make it 8 miles into the marathon so I could complete the bridge to Canada and the tunnel back and by that point it was very clear I was not going to finish. By 11 miles I was running and walking on and off but mostly running still. By 13 miles I could barely run. By 14 miles I could barely walk. The aide at the 14 mile marker tried to convince me to stop but I kept crying and telling him "I am not ready to give up yet. I trained too hard for this!!!" and I peg legged it another two miles to the 16 mile marker. I might have tried to walk the whole marathon without being able to bend my right leg and dragging it behind me except there is a time limit. So at 16 miles they took me back in an ambulance and made me see a doctor. He said I need physical therapy but my running career isn't over (I sort of wish he would have told me never to run again!). I am already determined to try again next year because I KNOW I can do it. My muscles and lungs felt great even at 16 miles so I am really confident that I could have done well had my knee not given out. Making the decision to stop running was very hard for me and I am EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED. It was a lot of work this summer not to finish the race.

Congratulations to my cousins Vicki, Heather and Tracy for completing their marathons as well. It is quite an accomplishment!
Here is a picture of us before the marathon. It was 37 degrees when we started running. BRRRRR.
Here is Owen playing in his Jumperoo and looking thrilled about it
Jack hit his head on the edge of his crib while he was playing with Aunt Becky yesterday . It looked horrible right away but by last night it was much better and today it is just a small line. Amazing!


Becky said...

Emily I am so proud of you too! You did a magnificent job! I am sure you will beat our times (especially mine) easily. 16 miles is a major accomplishment. PS I am already feeling like I will do this again sometime NOT soon

Anonymous said...

The entire event and preparation was amazing, you should all be proud of taking on such a difficult task.

MLWalters said...

Great job girls! Emily, you made a commendable effort. 16 miles is 16 miles farther than I've done! :) Rest up & get that knee better!

Theresa said...

Emmy - you worked soooo hard, you should be soooo proud of yourself! I know you'll get that knee better and I'll babysit for your physical therapy!

Sarah Larson said...

You did such a great job Emmy! You should be proud that you made it 16 miles in spite of your injury. You trained hard, and I know you will make it next time. You get that knee better because we have some more running to do!

amywalt1684 said...

WOW!!! I am so impressed!!! 16 miles and months training... AMAZING. I am totally bummed about your knee, couldn't have happened at a worse time. What a diappointment I am sure!

GREAT JOB!!! Wooo-hooo!