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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Busy Boys

The last two posts seem to have posted out of order so there is another new post under the post with the professional pictures. We have some new random stuff today. Here is Owen practicing to be a plumber.
Today we went to the apple orchard with Grandma and Aunt Theresa. Jack tried out the John Deere tricycles but he was too short to reach the pedals. Darn!
Owen is having some teething issues but he enjoyed all the little houses they had.
Jack got in on the action too!
Here they are climbing into the loft of this little house. This was the hit of the play area!
Watching the tractors drive by with bins of apples from the loft of the little house.
Owen flashing his grin.
Owen trying out some apples fresh from the tree.
Walking through the thick grass.
Happy hiker.
Jack posing by the apple trees.
After the orchard Owen went home with Grandma and I took Jack to meet Aunt Becky so he could pick out a new bike as a Birthday gift from Aunt Becky. Once we got home we set the boys free on their bikes. Here is Owen on his little car.
Jack trying out his new BIG bike.
The new bike looks huge but he made the switch with no problems. By the end of the night he was riding it like a pro!
Owen trying out Jacks old bike that is now Owens new bike!
Here is Jack riding his new bike for the first time after I got it properly assembled. He was doing even better later tonight! Thanks Aunt Becky! He LOVES it!

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