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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Preschool Meet & Greet and Cedar Point

Friday afternoon we had Jacks preschool Meet & Greet. We went in to meet his teacher and try out some classroom activities with his other classmates. He did really well but was shy (which we expected). His first real day is on Tuesday! Here he is getting ready to leave on Friday.
Mommy and Jack in front of his school.
Jack standing in front of school.
Daddy and Jack in front of school.
Little kid, big school.
No shoe!
After preschool we headed down to Cedar Point for the weekend. We went with Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Becky, Aunt Sarah, Uncle Paul, Aunt Theresa and Uncle John. Here is the view from our cabin on the water.
Owen enjoying the deck.
Aunt Becky and Jack.
Owen watching boats.
Where are all the cute pictures of the boys on the rides? Well, some lovely people decided our stroller and its contents looked mighty nice so they went ahead and took it. So we lost the stroller, our baby bag and all its contents, my camera and my cell phone. The pictures above I snapped with the other camera at the cabin but I have no pictures from in the park. I am a bit heartbroken over the lack of pictures and the lack of common decency but aside from that the trip was wonderful and we had a great time. We spent Friday and Saturday in the park riding all sorts of rides including Jacks first roller coaster (Junior Gemini). The boys loved everything except the Woodstock Express that Jack rode (and cried on!). It was wonderful to experience the park through their eyes where everything is new and exciting! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for a great trip and letting Mommy and Daddy ride some big rides while you spun in circles on the little rides until you were queasy!
Today we took the boys to the indoor water park at Castaway Bay just outside Cedar Point. It was another hit and the boys enjoyed the little water slides and the variety of pools they had to offer. Jack is already asking to go back! He wants more rides and swimming!!!
When we got home today there was a gift for Jack on the front porch from Aunt Sarah and "Uncle" CJ (it isn't official yet!). He was really excited to "cut" the food up! We will be spending a lot of time with this in their little kitchen! We also played the board game they sent but I couldn't play and take pictures so I will have to get some pictures next time when Neil is around! Thanks guys!

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taylor said...

That's terrible about the stroller!!!:(
Have fun at preschool Jack!!!