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Monday, September 7, 2009

Holiday Weekend.

This weekend we camped with friends for the long weekend. We went up north Thursday night so we had 3 full days up there. Friday we had warm weather so I was able to take the boys through the sprinkler.

They also got to play with some little friends. Here is Carter playing with some toys.
And Olivia sporting some cool shades.
Here are some of the crew playing with some of the babies.
Daddy took the boys on 4-wheeler rides.

Jack wanted to ride again so he played in the field while he waited for Owen to get back from his ride.

Saturday I took the boys to Petoskey to visit Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Sarah, Uncle Paul, Aunt Becky, Aunt Theresa and Uncle John. We had a great day swimming in Lake Michigan and fishing. I forgot my camera so you will have to take my word for it! Yesterday was a hot day so in the evening we gave the boys Popsicles and they proved how dirty they could get. Nice face Owen!

Jack enjoyed his popsicle too!
He made this lovely face...
... which he thought was hysterical.

Carter showed the boys his cool go kart.
Owen was impressed with Carters driving skills!
We tried to get a shot of all the babies but Carter was on a walk for our first try. Here is Wyatt, Jake, Jack, Olivia and Owen.
Owen waiting for Carter to get back from his walk so we can try more pictures.
Rare family shot...nice face Owen!
Carter came back but Olivia was crying so we got a picture of the boys together.
Ta-da! I hope you are impressed because we never thought this would happen! All the babies together for a group shot! The dumbfounded looks on their faces are because there was about 10 adults jumping and screaming behind the cameras to try to get their attention. I should have gotten a picture of that! We had lots of cuteness on this trip!

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