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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Madison Part 1

Last weekend we made the long trek to Madison, WI to visit Aunt Becky with Aunt Sarah, Grandma and Grandpa. After a long drive we were ready to get out and explore the city. Saturday Morning we walked/scootered up to the Capitol Building to check out the farmers market. Here is the crew arriving to our first destination.

 The beautiful building.
 In front of the Capitol.

 Across the street is a children's hands on museum that we decided to check out. Here are the boys climbing and sliding.
 Owen in a machine that looks like a helicopter. Those wheels control a giant fist that you can steer around and punch things. Perfect.
 Ella at the fake piano. 
 The boys way up in the air climbing. They eventually got stuck up there.
 Ella checking out a puzzle.
 Aunt Sarah showing Ella some puppets.
 Ella loved this water area.

 Jack on the screen.
 Painting on the glass. Owen loved this!
 Ella liked the marionette dolls.
 Ella with Aunt Becky.
 Getting washed up after painting.

 Owen with Aunt Sarah showing off his paint face.

 On the elevator to the roof.
 The roof of the museum had quite a view!

 The view off the other side of the roof.
 Ella loved the baby chicks.

 On the walk back to Aunt Becky's we stopped for a drink and sat outside for a short time. Owen took the opportunity to eat his "bonatoes" from the farmers market. He was eating them like apples!

 Ella stole some drinks of ginger ale. She loved it at first but then seemed to change her mind!

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