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Thursday, May 12, 2011


The boys had their first scrimmage last night for baseball and it was so hilarious. I wish they hadn't been so tired from the trip so they could enjoy it more but it still went really well. Here is Owen in his uniform.

 Warming up before the game.

 Gotta practice that ready position.

 The kids on the bench waiting to bat.
 Jack in the on-deck circle.
 Last minute instructions from the coach (hit the ball and run!)
 Jacks first at bat.
 Off he goes!!!
 Owen getting his last minute instructions.

 Standing facing the wrong direction on first base. He had a little trouble locating second base while running yesterday.
 Jack waiting on third base to run home.
 He scores! Getting "5" from the coach!
 Owen running home.
 Sitting on the bench.

 In the field Jack and Owen are obsessed with being "ready".

 Ella eating a book.
 Notice Owen is still ready! Although he is facing the slightly wrong direction.
 Yup, still ready!
 Jack waiting for his second at bat.
 Ready to swing.
 Look at the intensity on his face!
 Off he goes again!
 Owen batting again.

 Notice the first base coach helping him locate the base.
 On first base.
 Running home.
 Made it!
 Happy he scored!
 Back on the bench waiting.

 One last picture of Owen on first base (Jack is in the background on third). The season officially kicks off on Saturday!

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