The life and times of Jack, Owen and Ella Crossett

Saturday, May 14, 2011


We got the sprinklers out yesterday for the first time this year and I think Ella liked them more than anybody. Here is Owen filling up the tray on her seat.
 The next pictures are all really similar but her facial expressions were so funny. She was SO EXCITED!
 Drinking some water out of the tray.

 Owen with his bucket.
 Ella having more fun.

 He was loving that bucket.
 Ella splashing the water in her tray.

 Jack came home from school and watched Owen and Ella while he had a snack.
 Working on his "cheese!" face.

 Owen doing some more lawn maintenance.
 Ella and Daddy.

 Jack finally couldn't resist and got his bathing suit on to join in the sprinkler fun.
 Finishing his popsicle.
 Ella was in love with this water.

 Owen getting ready to go watch Uncle Paul, Aunt Sarah and Mommy play softball.

 We had ANOTHER storm last night and instead of having a battle of wills with the thunder and the boys I just put them in my spot and slept in Owen's bed. I like that Jack is hugging Owen's arm in his sleep.

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