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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Happy Birthday to Jack!

Today my baby turned FIVE! Jack got to bring goodie bags to school for his class which made the morning a little easier. When he got home Grandma and Grandpa were waiting with balloons to get him off the bus. He was being shy at first (he always is when he first gets home) and Grandma and Grandpa had to leave after a few minutes so they didn't get to talk much. After they left Jack kept telling me "wasn't it nice that Grandma and Grandpa came over with balloons?". Such a grown up now that he's five. Here he is opening his gift from Mommy, Daddy, Owen and Ella.

 He got the sparking scooter he has been dreaming of for months.

 Ella showed off her walking skills for us too.

 Jack showed off his crown that he got to wear at school. He was VERY excited about this! He got to pick a prize from the Birthday Box too and he picked that purple necklace.
 We sang Happy Birthday and Jack was shy as usual.
 Blowing out his "5" candle.
 Ella was excited about cake too!
 Mommy made a rainbow Birthday cake because Jack loves rainbows. Not perfect but it was still cool and Jack really liked it!

 Just after cake UPS knocked on the door with a gift from Aunt Becky. She got him a pogo stick. He was super excited (as were the neighbor kids) and he played with it for quite awhile. He still needs some practice!

 Ella liked it too!
 Grandpa Terry and Grandma Lila brought gifts for Jack as well.
 Race cars! These have been a hit all night!

I will try to catch up posting tomorrow. I have a lot of pictures that still need to be posted but I wanted to make this post on Jack's Birthday.

Happy Birthday Jack! Mommy loves you SO much. I'm looking forward to another wonderful year of watching you grow and learn. You make me smile every day!!!

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Becky said...

my main man! getting one year closer to that plane ride. I really hope that he had a wonderful b-day.