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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Owen Goes to Preschool

Today was Owen's first day of preschool. He has been SO EXCITED and SO READY to go to school for months. He constantly asks me "you are gonna leave me at school right momma? You aren't going to come with me, right?". I didn't realize I had been cramping his style so much but he was ready to get rid of me! He was super excited to get his school clothes on and wear his backpack to school

 Owen and Mommy before leaving for school.
 Owen with Aunt Theresa.
 Grandma, Owen and Grandpa.
 The idea of school was so exciting he conked out in the car on the way to school. 

 Here he is getting ready to walk into school.
 Putting his gear in his locker.
 Showing me his locker. It has an "O" on it and an octopus with his name and a note from Mommy that I wrote him at Meet and Greet night last week. He was very excited about having his own locker.
 Posing with his locker.
 When his teacher came out he ran up and gave her a high 5 and got on the line to go to school.
 Blowing me a kiss!
 So excited to go to school!

 Walking off to his classroom.
He did SO AWESOME at drop off. He was so ready to play with his friends at school. When I went to pick him up I was confident I would get a good report that he had a great time but that wasn't the case. His teacher said he cried for the last 40 minutes of class! I couldn't believe it at first but once I saw his face I knew it was true. His eyes were red and he had obviously been crying. I asked him why he cried and he said he had fun for awhile and then he just missed me. Even the playground couldn't turn his mood around during school, he said he just sat down out there because he was too sad to play. I sure hope next week is easier. I can't take two kids who hate school!!!

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Karen said...

Owen! Mommy will be okay while you're at school! Just enjoy your time away!!! :)