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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Things Are Looking Up

Today was hard. My eyes still feel puffy and swollen. I think I am overly sensitive to Jack's extreme shyness and attachment to his mother because I was the exact same way. I still remember the terror I felt going to school and meeting new people. I was always hugging my Mom's leg (sorry Mom and thank you!). I hate that he has to feel that way too. I hate that he inherited that part of my personality. I hate that I can't protect him from the hard things in life. All that being said, I really can't protect him from life and he has to learn (sometimes the hard way).
I spent the day killing time. Trying to forget. I watched the clock all day trying to think of what Jack was doing at school. The last hour was torture. We finally walked down to the bus stop to wait for Jack to arrive home and see how the day went.
 Owen asked approximately 100 times when Jack would be home. He couldn't stand the wait either.

 Even Ella was getting tired of waiting.

 Then we saw the bus coming...

 And my sweet boy came bouncing off.
 I'm not sure who was happier. I won't forget this moment any time soon.

As it turns out Jack turned his day around quickly. He said he really liked school. He told me all about the name game they played, how he played outside THREE TIMES, he ate lunch in the gym but didn't want to eat his cookies so he saved them for later. He told me his teacher was nice and the bus was fun. He told me they tried to watch a video but it wouldn't work and that his teacher said they would get to do a project next time in class. He showed me the magnet he made to hang work up on the fridge at home and the picture he colored and the BEE binder he gets to bring home every day. I was proud. He was scared but he made it a good day. I know this won't necessarily translate into an easy time getting on the bus the next time but I am glad he had a good day and he tried his best. I love this boy so much! Here is a short video of him getting off the bus. I cut it short because I cared more about getting the hug he was bringing me than taking the video.

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Becky said...

I am so proud of you Jack! I can't wait to hear about school and birthday parties and sleepovers!