The life and times of Jack, Owen and Ella Crossett

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

All New

I have been trying to make a point of taking the camera out more lately but it seems like life has been so busy I haven't had much time. I did manage a few pictures recently though! Here are Jack and Owen catching frogs in the pond.

 Ella playing in the leaves.


 We stopped at the fire station open house on Sunday and the kiddos got to sit in a fire truck except Owen who just wanted to look.

 Tonight was school skate night for Owen's school and since his school has only Preschool through Kindergarten it is a great time for small kids to go skate! I took the kids up there and Grandma Nancy came to help out. The boys went right for the skate helpers.

 Ella cheering and dancing.

 Before long they ditched the skate trainers and were on their own!

 Ella was all over that place!

 Watching with Grandma.

 Doing some hokie pokie.

 Jack saw Karli from four year old preschool there and they skated together a lot. He always REALLY liked Karli last year and things don't seem to have changed much! The feeling seemed to be mutual since they both kept waiting for each other through the night.

 Jack was the last guy on the rink. He made it from the first song to the last. That boy loves skating!


Becky said...

Can we go when I come home. i have been practicing... jack we are too pees in a pod i Miss you all VERY much!

Theresa said...

The boys are getting so big!