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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Sunday was the day that I waited more than three years for. I finally completed my first full marathon. This was a long time in the making after getting injured the first time I trained. I was so happy to finally achieve my goal and have so many people supporting me along the way! Here are Aunt Theresa, Aunt Chrissy, Grandma and Ella watching the race from Cobo Hall.
 Ella checking out the runners.
 Waiting for their slow Mommy to make it to the end.
 My running buddies and I almost to the finish line!!!
 Crossing the finish.
 High fives!
 So tired.
 Getting my medal.
 Trying to get warm.
 Having some Gatorade so I don't pass out.
 Unsuccessfully trying to keep my emotions in check.
 Sarah and Paul were there from mile 13 on to cheer me on. It was SO NICE to see someone cheering for me and it gave me just the boost I needed at just the right times!
 Hugs from Owen.
 Ella was ready to snuggle.
 Owen loved it down there...maybe a future runner?
 My baby girl!
 Aunt Becky was tracking me from Madison throughout the race and sent me these beautiful flowers!

I could not have pulled this off without a lot of help from a lot of people. Grandma Nancy, Grandpa Pete, Grandma Lila, Grandpa Terry, Aunt Theresa, Neil, and Aunt Sarah provided a lot of child care while I ran for the past four months and I am so grateful for all of their help. Also, Aunt Chrissy, Aunt Theresa, Sarah & Paul, Mom & Dad and Neil & the kids made race day so special. It was amazing to see everyone there waiting for me at the end. I know Chrissy and Sarah know how strong the emotions are when you get to the end and see those smiling faces. THANK YOU all so much. You have no idea how much it means to me to have had your support, help and encouragement.
I thought I would be done running (or marathon running) once this race was over. It was VERY DIFFICULT from the training to the actual race but I can honestly say that I LOVED it. I enjoyed the training program most of the time (especially at the end of my runs!) and the race day was one of the most awesome experiences I've ever had. I am so proud of myself for setting this crazy goal and actually achieving it. Don't be surprised if you see me out there running again very soon!


Becky said...


Theresa said...

Woo hoo Emmy!!! Way to go!!

Karen said...

I wondered if you would continue running... what a challenge! Congrat's! :)

Amanda said...

You Rock Em!! :)