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Monday, October 24, 2011

Field Trip

Owen had his first field trip last week to Indian Springs Metropark where his class headed to the Nature Center for a program about leaves. Unfortunately it was cold and REALLY RAINY. We made the best of it though and the class started in the classroom to learn about trees and leaves.

 Checking out a huge pine cone.
 On our beautiful hike we learned about acorns, leaves and animals homes.
 This stop was showing an animal home in a tree where bats live.
 We checked out this bat skeleton and thought of Grandpa Pete :)
 Back in the class the kids got ready to find leaves to make a leaf book.
 They brought lots of leaves inside the day before so they could dry out a bit since it was so wet outside. The kids had to find all different sorts of leaves in the pile.
 Nice smile, huh?
 Giving me a "thumbs" up :) I love him!
 Showing his leaf to the teacher.
 Making a leaf book.

 We also visited the aquarium room where the whole ceiling and walls are glass and underneath the pond so we could check out the fish.
 Owen with some of his classmates.
 Doesn't he looked thrilled to be there?
 Some funny Owen smiles.

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Becky said...

he didn't look like he loved all the parts of this.... what a goof!