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Saturday, May 2, 2009

The BIG Update

I admit...I am a horrible blogger lately! Many things have contributed to my lack of blogging including losing the cord to my camera, being ill and not lucid for over a week and seriously, I can't blog without the camera cord because no good blog is complete without pictures. Alas, I have found the cord and am apparently in my right mind enough to type this so here goes! These pictures go back about a week and a half so it is a long one! This first picture is Jack in his favorite shirt as of late. I "graduated" from physical therapy last week and they gave me this beautiful memento and Jack immediately fell in love with it.

Last weekend Aunt Sarah and "Uncle" CJ were in town and Grandma Lila and Grandpa Terry made the trek back from Florida for the summer so Daddy took the boys to visit. I was in a semi-conscious state at home so I have no idea what the context of many of these pictures are but they look cute! Owen looking pensive...his favorite outdoor look.
Celebrating Grandma Lila's Birthday. Jack is an expert candle inserter. Owen looks tickled with the idea of cake!!!
Looking bored with that part....LETS GET TO THE CAKE!
Grandma Lila and two of her favorite little Gentleman. Notice Jacks hand.
Here is Jack in his best work-out outfit.
Owen wanted to show off too.
What a stud!
I told them I was taking their picture together. You can see the skepticism.
That is the best we could do.
Owen looking like a 42 year old. A really cute one, though.
My "little" man.
Seriously, he is so cute!
He aspires to be a rapper so he had to practice the look.
Owen in the breeze.
Jack riding his sweet motorcycle (or weekeekle if you prefer)
Owen looks like a biker dude in this picture. I wouldn't mess with him!
Owen loves the swing set this year. I think his expression says it all!
Jack...King of the swing set!
Owen making his way down the slide with his usual grace.
This morning we stuck Daddy's hat on Owen. Turns out he is still cute!
Love this face...
You can't tell me you don't want to kiss those cheeks!
Tractor riding fun!
He was digging it. As a side note, check out the fact that our lawn isn't brown this year! Okay so there is a little patch by the tree but that doesn't count! Progress people, progress.
More of the outside face.
Again, looking far too old to be my baby.
Sweet little profile.
Jack was asleep for the photo session today so Owen got all the attention!
He was shaking my tree and thought it was funny. It was not.
My absolute favorite tree is a Bradford Pear and we finally put one in a few years ago and this is the first year it flowered. I was VERY excited!
Radio Flying

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