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Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Fun Stuff

First we have a few pictures from the boys first run through the sprinklers this year. Owen thinks they are pretty great!
Jack thought it was pretty funny as well. I got great video of this but computer problems are still preventing those from getting uploaded.
Owen running away from the water.
Being silly.
Last weekend for the long weekend we went camping up north. Tracy gave Jack this cool net to catch all the tent worms that invaded. He was excited about it!
Owen stealing Jake's little 4-wheeler.
Jack playing outside.
Owen going down Ayden's slide.
We spent a lot of hours at this slide.
Jack trying out Tracy's 4-wheeler. He loves this thing!
Neil with his cup for the Beer Olympics. Sadly he won the gold trophy for the second year in a row. Luckily he hasn't asked to put his trophy in the house either year!
The boys playing on Tracy's 4-wheeler. Check out their sweet garage in their camper behind them (yes, that is a sliding glass door IN THEIR CAMPER. so cool!).
Infestation of power wheels.
Baby attack! There were 11 kids there and there were only two older than Jack. It was a little nuts!
The boys watching Daddy on his dirt bike.
Wyatt in his jumperoo.
Tracy showing everyone how to get a 4-wheeler REALLY muddy.
Owen noticing the tent worms for the first time.
Getting ready to poke it!
Proud of himself.
More tent worm action. Jack is amazed that Owen is willing to touch them since he was afraid to touch them.
The boys with Daddy down by the river.
Jack practicing for his senior pictures down by the river.
Daddy and Owen by the river.
Jack in Daddy's hat.
Stunt rider.
Owen notices someone cute in that chrome.
Getting even trickier.
Owen still loving the baby in the mirror.
Apparently he was funny.
Nice picture of the camp from up on the hill that Paul took.
Today we moved Jack into a twin size bed. He was pretty excited about it!

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Aunt Karen said...

I love the commentary; Owen loving the baby in the chrome and Jack with his stunt riding! :)
You sure know how to show the boys how to have fun!