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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Busy Babies!

Yesterday the boys colored pictures for their Grandmas for Mothers Day. Owen thought eating the crayons was a much better idea.

Cutie artist.

Jack concentrating.

Big smiles doing his project.

Today was a huge day for the boys. We woke up and hit the ground running. We went out to Lansing with Grandma to meet Aunt Becky and Mallory for a morning Lugnuts baseball game for kids. Here they are with Grandma outside the stadium.
I blame this row of pictures on Becky...she can't get it right!!!

Owen was transfixed.
After the game we went back to Becky's house to visit with Mallory a bit more before she had to leave. She is moving off to California on to bigger and better things. This is sad news for us especially since she was Owen's favorite gal (and she took care of my sister!)

The boys showing off some awesome shirts (Jack sported the hat as well) made by Nick and Megan's Grandma.
In the afternoon we headed off to Impression 5 which is a kids hands on science museum. Aunt Becky is teaching the boys how to make a mess with bubbles.

Jack in a big bubble.

Ready to bust the bubble!

Owen waiting for his bubble.

Baby in a bubble.

Becky and the boys shooting tennis balls.

This machine showed the pressure you were creating as you pumped the handle as you tried to get the correct pressure to shoot a ball in a bucket. Becky didn't get it at the time so it ended up being just a fun way to shoot tennis balls.

The boys in the "First Impressions" kids room having a tea party.

This water area is really neat. They even provide smocks and crocs to try to keep the kids moderately dry. Jack was working with a water wheel here.

Owen was making a HUGE mess. He didn't like keeping the water in the table.

Concentrating on their water tasks.

Jack only tried to climb in this thing one time. Not too bad!

Jack with some big building blocks.

Owen on the slide.

Jack with a car tower with Grandma.

Owen sending cars down the ramps.

Jack pushing the baby in the stroller. He was really into caring for the baby.

Jack in the music area playing the piano.

Making waves.

Jack in the heart maze. I am more of a bicuspid girl myself but he really preferred the tricuspid.

Magnets in a dump truck, every 2.5 year old boys dream!

Owen taking a crack at the piano. He loved the screen at the top that showed the sound waves.

Little Maestro.

Owen running on this ledge.

Jack back at the bubbles. He really liked this!

About to pop!

Sending money down the funnel.

Owen trying to get Becky to taste his hands after sticking them in the bubbles about a hundred times. Lucky her!

Owen telling Becky about the big mouth behind him.

Jack in a mouth. Owen trying to get in the mouth.

Giant mouth.

Owen liked it in there!

Jack doing some big teeth brushing.

Jack digging in the balls.

Jack in bubble

Jack plays piano

Owen plays piano

Owen sings into the microphone.

I love watching Owen walk/run around. He has a certain swagger about him that is hard to resist!

After the museum we met Daddy and Grandpa and Aunt Sarah and Uncle Paul for dinner to celebrate Uncle Paul's Birthday. I didn't have my camera at this point because I was exhausted! Happy Birthday Uncle Paul!!!
I realize some of the videos posted aren't working. I believe this is a YouTube issue but I will address it next week if they aren't working by then. Tomorrow we are off to Iowa for a family wedding. Wish us luck on the LONG trek!!!

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