The life and times of Jack, Owen and Ella Crossett

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Haircuts are NO FUN!

Today was hair cut day. Jack has always liked haircuts and does really well and sits still in the seat. Owen is not so fond of them. I have to take "before" pictures so after the trauma of an Owen haircut I can remember WHY I subject myself to the torture. Today Owen only got the front trimmed because I couldn't get him to stop SCREAMING in the barber shop. Here are the "before" shots!
This outfit is from Grandma and Jack was wearing it for the first time today. He immediately spilled ketchup all down the front. I ran to Kroger and got some Shout and it actually came clean so now I can dress him up in it again. I love it!
"After" pictures to come!


Umba Paul said...

Otis has some clippers Owen can borrow.

Chris Fegan said...

i got this tip from a friend, and it works well with all types of stains. Mix tide with biz bleach. spread the mixture on the "wet" stain and let it sit, overnight is best. then wash as usual. keep doing this until it's gone. if the stain was ice cream, i would have left it as that's your mom's favorite!!!!!!!! :)

Chris Fegan said...

where are the after shots??? and the during at the barber? I could just picture some guy getting ready to get a shave, and Owen start screaming! too funny. (it will be for you someday).

Chris Fegan said...

oops, missed the "after shots to come" comment!!!!