The life and times of Jack, Owen and Ella Crossett

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Go Nuts!

Today we headed to Lansing with Grandpa to visit Aunt Becky then meet up with Aunt Sarah and Uncle Paul to go to a Lugnuts game. When we went to Becky's house Jack really wanted to go in her pool despite the chilly temperature outside and in the water. We have been talking about going in the pool all week so I couldn't say no. He was so excited to try it out!
Its cold!!! He had trouble getting in!
It was much warmer on the cool dog floaty. His little legs were red when he got out because the water was so cold. He was only in the water for a couple minutes before he gave up!
Aunt Becky got the boys some little rubber ducks to take down to the river and float. Here is Owen walking through campus as we follow the duckies down the river. Obviously, bikes are a popular mode of transportation at MSU!
The weather cleared up beautifully for the game so Jack enjoyed a nice ice cream treat (that was about as big as his head!) courtesy of Aunt Becky.
Owen was interested in what was happening behind us.
Grandpa got Jack some cotton candy. He had never had it before and he was really intrigued by it.
Checking it out.
Getting ready to take a bite.
Uh, is it supposed to taste like sugar?

Getting into the sugary goodness! (or grossness!)

The boys loved the fireworks display. Sorry to Aunt Sarah for this awesome picture. Even Mommy made it into the shot even though I am in the background. Check out Jacks face in the background as well. Amazement!

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