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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sparks in the Park

Today was a fun day despite the fact that my never ending cold is really starting to wear on me. We spent the day relaxing around the house. Here are the boys in Owen's room. Owen loves to snuggle his pillow!
Here is Owen on the zebra.
This evening Daddy had to go to a wedding so I took the boys to Sparks in the Park. Before the fireworks we wandered around to check everything out. They had lots of inflatables like a bounce house and maze and lots of yummy food. I gave Owen a popsicle and this is what he looked like....
Then he tried it and looked even less sure...
Eventually he did like it. It just took sort of awhile (this is not that time!).
I also got Jack a popsicle. Here he is checking it out.
Giving it a try.
The one thing that can make it elephant ear that is bigger than your a lot!
Here they are enjoying their popsicles while I arranged our blanket in the grass.
They got some balloons which both ended up either destroyed or somewhere far in the sky.
Jack hugging his balloon string.
Owen thought it was great that he could shake his arm and the balloon would move around.
Hanging on the blanket.
Owen pointing out some things I might have missed like the band playing. It was a good set up. They were entertained until the fireworks got started!
Owen showing us the fireworks once they started. This picture is good considering that is my lap that Owen is laying on and I am the one taking the picture!
Enjoying the show!

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