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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Pool Tour

Today the heat was rather unbearable as the temperature touched 95 degrees (I believe it is still in the mid 80's despite it being the middle of the night) so we went on a pool tour. First, I purchased a "kiddie pool" for the front yard to play in for the first part of the day. Here is the, that's Neil in the kiddie pool!

Jack joining in on the fun.

Daddy and Jack hanging out together.

Having fun in the pool.

Relaxing on a chair in the pool.

My boys relaxing in the sun.

Owen woke up from his nap and joined in on the action.

"Water, water, water"

The next pool stop of the day was the Wave Pool. This is the kiddie section of the pool where we spent some of the time hanging out. They also have a big wave pool, a tube slide, and a body slide. FUN!

Daddy and Owen testing the waters.

The boys playing in the water.

Owen walking in the shallow waters of the kiddie pool.

Owen yelling and totally freaking out. He was unbelievably excited. Seriously. You would not believe how excited he got. He was screaming and running around like a crazy man.

Jack practicing his swimming skills.

Getting brave and going on his back!

A nice cool ice cream cone on a hot day...not much better than that!

The final stop on the pool tour was Eric and Gina's house. Here are the boys getting in the water.

Jack trying out the floaty.

Neil with his babies.

Swimming around.
Jack was impressed with the "jump board".
Couldn't get enough of that thing!
Back in the floaty.
Owen liked playing with Eric!
Here are a few videos of Jack on the diving board.

The boys were really exhausted tonight so I am looking forward to a long night sleep and good naps tomorrow!

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