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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ludington: Part 5

The annual pot luck dinner at Hamlin Beach this year was also a surprise 50th Birthday Party for Aunt Karen and a Birthday Celebration for Ella. Here is the big cake for Miss Ella.

 Aunt Karen's cake.
 Ella's cake to smash.
 Birthday girl in her Birthday dress.

 Ella with Daddy.
 Ella and Mommy.

 Uncle Paul, Jack and Grandpa playing football.
 Dinner time!

 Ella waving to all her fans while we sang "Happy Birthday"

 She loved the attention. Now lets see how she liked the cake!

 She loved destroying the cake even though she didn't eat any of it!
 Watching Ella with her cake.

 Aunt Sarah snuggling a tired Owen.
Princess Ella wondering what is on her head.
 Mommy and Ella playing funny football.
 Daddy playing funny football.
 Jack was nervous.

 Mommy stole the turn from Jack and Aunt Becky.
 It got stolen again right away!
 Owen running out for his funny football turn.

 Ella with Jeboggy and Grandpa watching funny football and enjoying the party!

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