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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ludington: Part 6

Aunt Sarah and Aunt Becky went and rented a tandem bike one night as well. It was hilarious to ride it around and we all enjoyed trying not to hurt ourselves on it. Here are Sarah and Becky on the maiden voyage.
 Mommy and Becky giving it a go.
 Uncle Paul taking Jack for a ride.

 Uncle Paul with Owen.
 All three kiddos watching bike riding from the back of Grandpa's truck.
 Grandpa and Grandma taking a spin on the bike.
 Jack being Jack.

 Owen and Jack running over a whoopie cushion with their bikes.


 Owen doing some scootering.
 Ella with Daddy.

 More scooter action.

 Ella being silly in the camper.

 Grandpa also took each boy for a spin.

 Here are Jack and Owen in their cool new shirts from Aunt Becky. Mommy was super jealous of these!

We had a great family vacation and we are looking forward to the next vacation already!!!

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