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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wedding Weekend: Round 2

The actual wedding was so beautiful. It was on Lake Michigan and the weather was perfect. We stopped at the scenic lookout on the way there. Spectacular.
 During the ceremony Ella enjoyed her ring pop. She is easy to please.
 The FBI...or Brian, Amanda and Dan. Not sure which.
The newlyweds!
 They gave the kids awesome buckets filled with toys to distract them. Such a great and useful idea! They LOVED these things!
 Ella and Mommy.
 Ella and Daddy.
 The boys were so funny. They were filthy right away and played ball for so long.

 Megan with the boys.

 Later we changed them into pajamas as it got colder and they were getting tired. They enjoyed busting a move on the dance floor in their jammies. Even Ella was dancing!

 Aunt Becky with Owensey.
 Jack and Aunt Becky.
 Ella with Mommy. She was getting sleepy.
 Dancing girl!

 Aunt Linda, Aunt Theresa and Grandma Nancy with cousin Ken and Kerianne in the background.

 I spent a lot of time corralling kids on the dance floor.
 Getting down on the dance floor!

 Aunt Michelle and Grandma helping Ella with her walking.
 More dancing fun!
 Nick and Taylor dancing.
 Grandpa and Rachel helping Ella dance more.
 Jack and Ella.
 Ken and Kerianne are no longer the newlyweds!
 Cousin Brian.
 Haha. Your welcome Aunt Crispie!
 Dancing with the band in the background.

Beautiful ladies Maddie and Taylor.
 Such a tired boy.
 Grandpa with his baby girl.

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Amanda said...

GREAT pics! Brian, Dan & I do kinda look official in our pic! ;)