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Monday, August 1, 2011

New Pictures!

Ok, so I am a little behind. Mostly I just haven't been taking many pictures. I am working on it! We have been really busy lately. We went to another Lugnuts game this past weekend, had our end of the summer library reading club party and went jetskiing twice. We also went to Quake on the Lake hydroplane races the weekend before and had a visit to Castaway Cafe this week on a rainy day. We have also been doing lots of swimming and riding bikes. I promise, more pictures soon! I did take a few pictures around the house recently to tide you over. Here is Ella trying on some new sunglasses. She's cute!
 During this insane heat wave we decided to try to cook an egg outside on the deck using the sun on the day it was over 100 degrees. Jack had the honor of cracking the egg. My lens fogged up from the extreme heat so the pictures aren't the greatest.

 He got it all over himself and thought it was gross apparently!
 I didn't get any finished product pictures because my camera lens was insane in the heat but the egg did cook! It took about 2 hours!
 I also took a few pictures of Ella just being her charming self!

 Jack snuck in too!
 My Happy Girl!

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