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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Owen's Field Trip

We're Back! It's been quite awhile and a lot has happened. Owen got a year older. The kids got sick 47 times. We got lots of snow. We had lots of school. We had lots of Jazzercise. We have had plenty of smiles and a few tears. Nothing life changing has happened but our lives keep on growing and changing (no matter how much I try to stop it!). I don't have a lot of pictures to update but I will post what I have and try to do better about updating...especially with our new cousin so close to making his arrival!

These pictures are from a field trip Owen had a few weeks ago with his preschool class (speaking of school, Owen signed up for KINDERGARTEN last week....WAAAHHHHH!!!!!!). His class did a bowling party and Owen was SO excited. He woke up that morning and got dressed and put his coat and shoes on and stood by the door at 8:30a.m. and the field trip wasn't until 1:30p.m. The pictures do not do any justice to the excitement because He didn't want his picture taken but he had lots of fun!

 Owen's class is a little shy on boys.

 Crazy bowling lover!
 Silly kiddo :)

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Karen said...

So happy to see updates for 2013! :)