The life and times of Jack, Owen and Ella Crossett

Friday, March 22, 2013

Winter Phone Pictures

I needed to back up my phone tonight so in the process I pulled all of the pictures off my phone from this winter. I thought I would share a few here. They aren't great quality since they are phone pictures but they captured some of our moments over the winter. Mostly I realized we have been sick SO MUCH this winter. Spring can come any time now! Here is miss Ella snuggling on the couch while sick.
 Ella after she fell asleep a different time on the couch....while sick.
The kids playing on our pond one nice snowy day.

Jack at the doctor...of course he was sick.
 This is what it is like trying to get Ella to sleep...

 Building a snow fort with the best packing snow EVER. We had a few good snow days this year!

 Ella doing some serious concentrating on her painting project :)

 Owen and Grandma worked hard on theirs too. He is planning to sell it for $1,000


Karen said...

Love the jacket Owen! :)

Karen said...
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