The life and times of Jack, Owen and Ella Crossett

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pinewood Derby!

Today was Jack's cub scout Pinewood Derby. He had almost no interest in building his car this week because I don't think he realized how much fun it would be. Once he decorated it last night (with Ninjago stickers of course!) he started to get excited...and nervous! Here are the first few cars that got weighed in. Jack's is the gold #3 car.
 Jack and Owen waiting for the fun to begin.
 Checking out the track and probably discussing their racing tactics. 

 The boys all lined up before the races.
 The derby cars :)

 Love this kid so darn much!
 Cars again!
 Still loving on Jack!
 Jacks car getting ready for its first race. Jack was so nervous he wouldn't win anything...we don't quite get the "its just fun to participate" theory yet.
 Watching his car come down the track.
 Not too excited he didn't win that first race.
 At the results table.

 This picture makes me tear up every time. He is so embarrassed and excited at the same time because he just found out that he got second place. Classic Jack. Love this boy!
 Receiving his award for second place in his division. He was so, so proud (So was I!).

 His ribbon with a little metal car on the bottom!

Here is a video after one of his races that he won (it is a complicated procedure and the track is rigged to calculate the time and automatically put it into fancy excel charts so they end up racing in each lane at least once). Owen and Ella were so proud. I love these kids and how much they love each other even if they drive each other crazy!


Sarah Larson said...

So proud of their big brother!

Karen said...

Fun stuff!!!
Great job Jack!