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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

All New

I haven't been blogging much because I haven't been taking any pictures lately and everyone hates a blog with no pictures. We are in a winter funk around here! We are all bored out of our minds and needing to get out of the house so not much new is happening but I will give a little update on the boys.
Jack has finally decided to let us in on his "ABC" talents and he sings them all the time now. He knows them perfectly and I love listening to him sing! He came down with a cold yesterday so he is all stuffed up and coughing and sneezing. He is running a fever tonight as well so that is a bummer! He is doing really, really well with potty training. He goes all day in regular underwear without accidents and only wears a pull-up for naps and night time or if we are out of the house. I am proud of how well he is doing and really impressed with how easy he has made potty training.
Owen is my little ray of sunshine. He is all happy all the time. He is changing so much. He is learning new words all of the time (today he learned "kitty") and is really developing his personality more every day. It is hard not to smile when Owen is around. He learned how to get on his Bounce and Spin Pony and his truck by himself so he is very busy! He has also transitioned from walking to sprinting everywhere he goes. The boys play together a lot now and love driving their trucks around the house or just chasing one another. On to the pictures!!!
Here is Owen with his balloon
Wrestling (and Owen is actually having fun!) and being afraid of my hand coming to tickle them!
The Zebra had been revived and gets HOURS of use every day
Owen trying to keep up with Jack on his Pony
Jumping away
All smiles
Sweet baby boy
I love this look!
My boy
The furrowed brow. He thinks it is so funny. After he gives me this look once he has trouble doing it again because he is laughing too hard and can't keep a straight face!
Smiley guy
Owen in his rocking chair
Trying to wiggle away
They love to play in the ottoman

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