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Friday, January 16, 2009

Meeting Baby Carter!

First we have a few random pictures from today. Here is Owen hanging out this morning.
Here is what I saw when I turned on the news this morning. It was even colder out here in the suburbs. I believe -16 at the time I woke up (without the windchill!).
This afternoon we drove out to meet Dustin and Tracy's three day old baby, Carter. He is unbelievably cute!
We got lots of open eyes!
Neil, Owen (looking huge) and Carter
Neil with Carter
Carter with the lady who hogged him most of the time ;-)
Jack checking out the baby. He kept saying "awww" while Owen looks on.
They were interested!
Congratulations Dustin and Tracy! He is a beautiful baby!!! We look forward to watching him grow up with our boys!

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taylor said...

It was freezing the past few days!
At my house (with the windchill) it was -20!! We didn't have school!