The life and times of Jack, Owen and Ella Crossett

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Play Day

First is a picture for Grandma and Grandpa living the life in Florida. This is our table just before we got this last inch of snow. Ugh!

Here is Jack rolled up in a blanket
Today we went to visit Great Grandma for a few minutes and then headed out to Castaway Cafe with Grandma, Aunt Becky and Aunt Theresa. This place is really neat and the boys loved to be able to run and play after being cooped up in the house in this cold weather! It is hard to see Jack in the pictures but I will try to navigate. Aunt Theresa is on the left and Aunt Becky on the right and Jack is a level above them in the middle by the blue balls.
Jack is by the blue balls again
Here is Owen with Aunt Becky
Jack running
Grandma letting Owen doing what he loves...EATING
I have no idea where Jack is but this is a good view of the play area
Owen climbing
Here is Jack doing his favorite spin out move on his truck

Here is Jack just being Jack and talking about the new president