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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Fun Day

Today we took the boys on their first ice skating adventure. Owen watched from the sidelines while Jack gave it a try! Here we are after getting our skates on.

Mommy, Jack and Grandpa on their first spin around the rink
Jack loved the Zamboni. He waved to the driver the whole time!
Aunt Sarah and Daddy helping Jack skate
Jack trying the skate helper
Cousin Nick with Aunt Michelle
More skating
The best part of any skate trip. The Zamboni!!!
After skating Aunt Becky made us a wonderful dinner and we celebrated Owen's Birthday! Here is Grandpa, Owen and Daddy singing for Owen.
More singing
Owen eyeing the cake
Looks pretty yummy!
Hmmm, lets see what we have here
Now this hand
Hey, this is fun!!!
Getting into it now!
He couldn't believe we were letting him destroy a whole cake!
Shoveling the cake in
Here is Owen smashing his cake
Cake enjoying his cake
This is how the cake looked after Owen got done with it
Grandma with Jack and Owen opening a gift
Owen and Mommy
Owen driving around his new cars
Jack trying out his magnetic fishing pole
This is Owen using his pacifier for the very last time. We took it away before bed tonight since he is one now and he won't be using it anymore. We decided to go cold turkey just like we did with Jack. He fell asleep without it tonight in under 15 minutes so we were happy!

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