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Friday, July 24, 2009

First Sleepover

Yesterday Jack and I met Aunt Becky at the Fowlerville Fair before going to spend the night at her house. Here is Becky and Jack on the Ferris wheel.

And again.
I have no idea what that face is but Jack was unsure about the little cars.
Eventually he got into it and then we wanted to go on all the rides.
Becky and Jack getting some whiplash on the raceway.
Check out that nervous smile.
He ended up loving it!
Becky and Jack in the fun house.
Getting strapped into another spinning ride. Mommy watched a lot of these because they make me want to puke after awhile.
Ha, you couldn't even see Jack over the bar.
We managed to totally freak Jack out by taking him on the sack slide and then a thunder storm came through so we stood under a tent for a long time waiting for the weather to pass. Eventually we got to go on more rides but first we headed over to the figure eight races. This was the most ridiculous thing ever especially because it was really muddy from the storm.
Total mess. Jack loved it as long as I held his ears. It was super loud.
After the races Jack tried out a few more rides before we went back to Becky's house. We spent the night there and he got to do all sorts of fun things this morning like swimming in Aunt Becky's pool and going for a walk by the river and trying his first Slurpee.
After Aunt Becky's house we headed home to get ready for the Tigers game. Here is Jack in his gear.
The boys in their jerseys.
Owen playing with Aunt Becky at the game.
Looking serious.
More playing with Aunt Becky.
Hiding under a hat.
He was loving all the attention. He also loved the water fountain and he spent a long time saying "water, water". For those of you who know Owen, this should be no surprise.
Uncle Paul (with crazy look on his face) making Owen fly.
More flying.
He could do this all day!
So fun!
The Tigers won and we got to see some good fireworks. Owen spent the time during the fireworks still watching the fountain. I am hoping for some good sleeping in tomorrow since we have been so busy this week!

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