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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy Birthday and Congratulations Aunt Sarah!!!!!

First of all it is Aunt Sarah Birthday today! Pictures of her celebration are below. Even MORE exciting is that Aunt Sarah got the results from her Medical Board Exam today. She was quite nonchalant initially just telling me that "I passed!". Upon further inspection it seems that not only did she pass, she kicked that exams butt! She didn't even tell me how good it really was so I looked it up and it turns out she is in the top 10 percent! Proud sister bragging here! Congratulations Aunt Sarah! We are all SO PROUD of you!!!!! These pictures are of the Birthday celebration out at Island Lake State Park. Here is Owen hanging out with his favorite lady!
Trying to drink from the bowl like Otis.
He really liked that water bowl!
He played in this thing for a really long time.
He also managed to get filthy. My OCD tendencies hate stuff like this but I try really hard to let it go. I only got wipes out once the whole evening.
Happy baby.
Jack took his usual post as the birthday candle engineer. He takes this job seriously.
Posing for a picture with Aunt Sarah with a very natural looking smile. Check out the awesome candle distribution.
Jack was excited!
I love Jacks face here. Make a wish Aunt Sarah!


Dunkle Paul said...

I took the same test as Sarah.

I got -3.

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo Sarah! Owen looks magnificent in his dirt vest!

Aunt Karen said...

Congrats to Sarah-Smarty-Pants!