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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Week Off

Neil had all of last week off as a forced vacation (thank you auto industry!) so we spent a lot of time at the lake and relaxing around the house. These first pictures are a bit older from Grandma Lila's camera. Here is Jack riding his bike.
Owen eating. Very neat as always.
The resulting sink bath.
Jack catching his first fish.
Jack trying out Grandma's radio.
Daddy, Kermit and Jack taking a nap in Grandma's bed.
Mommy and Owen on a scooter ride.
More bike riding.
Owen eating pepperoni on the boat.
Jack and Daddy swimming.
Jack with his lion towel.
Owen woke up the other day with unbelievable bed head.
Jack got a chance to go on his firs jet ski ride last week. He loved it!
Fun stuff!
Climbing on the jet ski at the sand bar.
Jack playing in the sand.
Owen trying to get muddy...
...and succeeding.
Chasing a shovel into the water.
Trying to crawl to get to it.
Owen eating a Popsicle that Grandpa rigged a cup to. He was trying to avoid dripping.
On the swings.
Obviously the cup failed.
Today we spent the day with Aunt Sarah, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Theresa, and Uncle Paul. Here is Aunt Sarah reading jack a new book.
Owen trying his first orange.
Jack playing in the tent that Grandpa set up for him.
Uncle Paul is the best!!!
Jack learned to kink the hose. funny!
Owen at the car wash.
Loving it!

Being cute.
Still cute.
Owen still in the water.
The bath tonight. Trying to catch water in a cup.
Checking out what he got.

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Paige Elizabeth said...

That Grandpa, always an engineer!

Great pics! Wish we could have made it up for the 4th. If everyone had been healthy of course :)