The life and times of Jack, Owen and Ella Crossett

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Update in Pictures

I am a little behind on pictures. This is Grandma and Jack running through the sprinklers last week.
Aunt Sarah is in town for a visit. She is in charge of the dog sprinkler here. Jack was loving the dog this day!
More sprinkler fun!
Owen was watching from his post on the horse.
Cozy Coupe fun. I am pretty sure I don't have a picture of the boys and I that is this good. Everyone is even looking at the camera!
Here is Owen on the zebra one random night.
Yesterday Taylor and Rachel came to stay with Grandma overnight. Here is Rachel taking Jack down the slide at the park. He was so excited to see them that he was yelling and jumping up and down and running around. Even after spending 2 days with the girls he was still that excited when they came over tonight.
Bumpy slide fun.
Taylor helped Owen get down the slide. He was loving it! He was REALLY sad when she left tonight. He kept asking "Where Taylor go?"
Owen under the play structure.
Owen going down the bumpy slide his own way.
Rachel helping Jack get from one circle to the next.
Jack checking out the peacocks.
Owen and Daddy looking at the baby bunnies.
Owen and Rachel at the petting farm.
Owen practicing his rooster impression.

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