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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ella's Baptism

Today we celebrated Ella's Baptism with our families by going to church and having a luncheon afterwards. It was a lovely day and a great celebration. Thank you all for joining us and making it so special! Here is Ella with her dress on before church.
 Getting Excited!

 It was a little cold out today so she needed to wear her little sweater.
 Mommy and Ella in her room.
 Grandma and Ella at church before the service.
 Owen was unsure about the whole ordeal.
 Getting ready for her big moment!
 Ella is officially Baptized.
 The closest we could get to a family picture. Ugh!
 The Crossett family.
 The Larson family missing our Becky. We were thinking about her today and wishing she could join us. We are all excited for her to start this new chapter of her life!
 Grandpa Pete and Grandma Nancy with their Grand babies.
 Grandma Lila and Grandpa Terry with the kiddos.
 Mommy and Ella after church.
 A couple cute pictures of Daddy and Ella.

 Ella got some lovely gifts from everyone. We were testing out these pajamas while she slept!
 Opening gifts. Clearly Mommy does not agree that what happens at Grandma's should stay at Grandmas!
 Aunt Theresa playing with the boys. They were having so much fun playing this game (whatever it was!).
 Grandma, Aunt Sarah and Ella.

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