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Monday, September 6, 2010


There are few times in life when you can honestly say that there is no place in the world you would rather be and no one you would rather be there with. Last weekend we were lucky enough to have one of those times! Grandpa Pete and Grandma Nancy treated us as well as Uncle Paul, Aunt Sarah and Aunt Becky to an amazing weekend up north. They rented a beautiful house just north of Leland that is directly on Lake Michigan. We had our own private beach to enjoy in a beautiful setting with all of my favorite people. It was pure bliss! First is a picture of the view down one side of the beach.
The other direction down the beach.
Ella putting her toes in Lake Michigan for the first time. She did not appreciate the cold water!
Uncle Paul taking Jack for a kayak ride.
Jack with his boat.
Enjoying the beach.
Uncle Paul and Aunt Sarah taking Jack and Owen on a fun raft ride in the waves.
Same raft ride but you can appreciate the view in this picture.
Seriously. Did I mention it was beautiful?!
Mommy, Jack and Aunt Becky playing in the waves.
Jack was digging jumping over the waves.
Aunt Sarah, The Boys and Aunt Becky playing with the kayak.
Owen and Grandma enjoying the unusually warm water in Lake Michigan.
More Owen and Grandma.
Grandma and Owen some more.
Grandma with her boys.
Jack looking like he belongs on Baywatch.
Owen knocking Grandma into the water.
Poor Grandma!
The boys liked to smash the edges of the sand ledge with their feet.
Getting ready to slide down the edge.
Jack crashed a little.
The boys playing in the sand at sunset.
Owen carrying his bucket.
More sand play.
Some of our crew watching the sunset.
Sarah with her niece.
Miss Ella.
Enjoying her first vacation.
Lovely sunset.
Aunt Sarah and Ella girl.
Aunt Becky digging with Jack and Owen.
Cheese ball Jack.
The boys doing some bird chasing.
Aunt Becky buried Jack and Owen took the opportunity to torture him a bit.
Sandy kiddo.
Owen falling into the water.
Playing in the shallow pool that formed overnight.
Aunt Sarah, Aunt Becky, swimming Jack and Grandma all enjoying the water on a HOT day.
Daddy and Ella on the deck of the house. Check out that view!
The fireplace in the living room of the house.
Awesome table for family dinner.
On the way home we stopped at Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes and Owen, Aunt Sarah, Grandpa, Aunt Becky, Jack and Daddy hit the dune!
LONG walk up.
Owen hitching a ride from poor Grandpa.
Aunt Becky and Jack working their way up!
Aunt Sarah, Owen and Aunt Becky taking a rest.
Whew! Exhausting during a 92 degree day!
Aunt Becky running down and Jack crashing!
Running down is the fun part!

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Anonymous said...

What an amazing weekend! It was 53 and raining this weekend, Michigan.....