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Monday, September 27, 2010

The Rest of the Weekend

Even aside from Ella's Baptism we had a busy weekend! Uncle CJ and Aunt Sarah flew in from Atlanta for a visit and to attend the baptism so we spent Saturday hanging out with them which included a trip to the apple orchard (which I didn't get pictures of) and a lot of playing. Here is Uncle CJ reading a brand new scary book to the boys.

 We also had a bonus visit from Missy, Jake, Nancy and Jane. They came to meet baby Ella and Jake got to play with Jack and Owen for a little while. Here is Missy holding Ella and introducing her to Jake. He seemed smitten!
 Ella snuggling with Missy.
 Missy, Ella and Aunt Sarah.
 When we got home tonight we were all exhausted after a very long day...all except Ella that is. She was ready to play! She spent the late part of tonight showing off her new found skill. She started off a bit timid.
 Then it happened. She started lifting her head up on her belly!
 All the way up! She wanted to see the new toy Aunt Sarah and Uncle CJ gave her as part of her baptism gift. I think she likes it! She is getting so strong!

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Becky said...

The boys look so old reading books with CJ! They are getting so big! I see CJ likes to tempt them with a few nightmares as well...