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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Field Trip

Friday was the day of Jack's first field trip for school at Spicer's Apple Orchard. For his preschool program, parents have to bring the kids and stay at the event so I was there to document the experience and for this particular trip siblings were welcome so we brought Owen as well. Grandma Nancy had the tough job of watching Miss Ella while we were away. When we first arrived at the trip, Bailey ran up and gave Jack a card for Halloween (this was the morning after they roller skated together). We are in trouble with those two! Here are Owen and Jack waiting for their hay ride.
 Here are the kids listening to their instructions for the trip.
 Jack and Owen picking out pumpkins.
 Owen with his pumpkin.
 Jack picking an apple out of the bin (the trip is late in the season so all the apples were off the trees already).
 Bailey and Jack on the hay ride.
 Owen taking in the sights on the hay ride.
 Jack, Bailey, Rebecca, Wiley and Lauren waiting for their donuts. Apparently Jack is popular with the ladies.
 Having their donut and cider snack.
Owen at snack time.
 Jack and Owen playing in the little houses.

The kids loved these big slides.

 Owen was a little excited as you can tell by the 6 inches of air under his feet here.
 Jack on the zip line (another big hit)!

 Owen trying out a tractor.
 Bailey, Jack and Owen in the corn "sand box".
 Bailey and Jack. They were by each others side for the majority of the trip!

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