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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Greenfield Village

While Daddy, Grandpa and Uncle Paul were at hunting camp this past weekend, Grandma Nancy treated the kids and I to a fun filled weekend including a trip to Greenfield Village for their trick-or-treating night. Earlier in the day I took a few pictures of the boys goofing around because they liked that their outfits almost matched.

 Grandma Nancy helped them clean out their wagon to prepare for the evening.
 Then the boys decided to pitch in and help a bit.
 Owen doing some cleaning.
 Grandma took them around the neighborhood for a test ride.
 When we got to Greenfield Village the boys put on their firemen costumes and got loaded in the wagon with their new flashlights from Grandma.
 Ella was not sure about the kitten costume (or any other part of the night for that matter).
 Owen with his treat bag.
  Grandma and the boys watching the singing pumpkins (which were really neat!).
 We stopped for a hot dog and Jack had to sit on this huge pumpkin outside the restaurant.
 Then Owen needed a turn too!
 The whole path was lined with hundreds and hundreds of jack-o-lanterns. There were also some stacks of jack-o-lanterns like this one.
 The boys with a jack-o-lantern display.

 Making a wish in the fountain at the end of the walk. This was a really neat event which would have been even more awesome if Ella hadn't hated it so much. Next year should be a bit easier!
 Here is another picture of Ella doing her tummy time since she didn't make it in many of the trick-or-treating pictures. She does this easily now!

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Becky said...

Those are some great pictures, but I have to say the second one is classic jack in my mind!