The life and times of Jack, Owen and Ella Crossett

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Tonight was the big trick-or-treating event around here so we got the kids in their costumes one last time. Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle John and Aunt Theresa all came over and Grandpa helped with the trick-or-treating while Grandma passed out candy at our house. Theresa and John were on Ella patrol so she didn't have to tag along in the cold! Thanks for all the help! Here is Miss Ella the cat!

 The boys were ready to go first thing this morning. Eventually we had to put on cartoons to distract them until it was time. The hats were not coming off though!
 Here are the boys ready to head out.
 One of the first houses we went to. Jack was obviously excited!
 Owen with his treat bag.
Jack running to the next house! Owen packed it in a bit earlier than Jack because he got scared at one of the houses that decorates a lot and dresses up in scary costumes. He cried after that house. A lot. Then he told me he wanted to go back to his house.
 Here is Jack with his candy. Check out that chocolate face.
 Owen is obviously excited about his candy!
 He wanted Daddy to take a picture of him with each individual candy piece.

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Becky said...

Ah Owen documenting each individual piece of candy, as though those two ever need a reminder about how much they like candy, and that Halloween is the time to get it (hence the ready from the morning)!