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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Cedar Point!!!

Jack's Birthday extravaganza continued yesterday with a trip to Cedar Point. Jack and Owen begged to go all summer even through they didn't remember it from the times we've gone in the past. They were SO EXCITED to go. Here are Jack and Ella waiting to walk in. Owen was with them but he fell off the wall they were standing on so he was busy crying during this picture. Darn!
The first order of business is that Jack wanted to go on the biggest thing he could go on....a REAL roller coaster. He wanted Mommy to take him so we headed to the Iron Dragon. He was insanely excited for this!
 Almost our turn!

 We're next! I was waiting for him to get nervous or say he wasn't sure but he never did!
 You could tell he was nervous as he got strapped in but he was also too excited to care. When we started down the first hill I could see the surprise on his face as to how big it was and how fast but he was smiling ear to ear. He got off and said "that was just AWESOME!!!". He ended up riding it three times by the end of the day. This was probably my favorite roller coaster ride ever...watching him fall in love with the thrill of it all. I was proud of him for being nervous and doing it anyways! This half hour of time is something I won't forget...a special bonding experience for Mommy and Jack :)
After we rode that ride we moved on to the kids section of the park. Here are Grandma and the kids waiting to go on the first roller coaster of the day for Owen and Ella....the Jr. Gemini!
 Jack and Owen getting ready to ride!

 Off they go!
 Ella getting on with Grandma.
 Her face when the ride started moving. She is SUCH a daredevil!!!
 The boys went on this little ride while they waited for Grandma and Ella.
 Oh, she LOVED it!
 All 3 kiddos on the airplane ride. Love these kids! Love this day!

 Going on again after they realized their handles controlled whether the plane went up or down!

 On the bus ride with Grandma
 Balloon racing!
 I got to ride with this sweet face :)

Enjoying her ride :)
 The second any ride was finished she would yell "Let's do it again!!!"
 Going on the swings!

 Ella up at the front Kiddy section of the park...she was in her element!

 Owen wishing he could ride the big rides....he was kind of bummed at this point as he waited for Jack to come off of the roller coaster.
 Ella and Daddy
 Starting to like the truck.

 Loving everything. Every single ride.

 Showing Owen the helicopter
 Loving life!

 THIS is where things turned around again for Owen...he found these bumper cars and fell in love. He rode these over and over and over and over again. He got SO GOOD at steering around everybody and gaining speed so he could bash into stuff. He could pull some serious maneuvers in these little cars! I was really impressed! Jack loved the cars too and they spent a good portion of our afternoon here!

 The boat ride.

 Then right back to the bumper cars until it was time to go :)

 All went on all the Kiddy rides while her brothers rode the bumper cars repeatedly.

 One last (very tired) ride on the way out!

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Sarah Larson said...

I love to see them so happy! I hope it was as magical for them as it was for us as kids.