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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ella Starts Preschool

Remember this? Feels like yesterday. I can't believe she is at school right now. Without me. I'm not emotional at all...
Today is the big day. Preschool. Ella was excited as we got ready to go. She knows her teacher. She knows some of the friends in her class. She is ready. She is adorable.
 Big girl with her backpack.

 In front of school getting ready to head in.

 She went right to find her locker and put her backpack away.

 Then to find her name tag. 

 Got it on!
 Then in the midst of her excitement and nervousness....she broke my heart in a million little pieces. It was time to line up on the red line and she came and asked if I could get on the line with her. I asked her why because she knew she was going by herself and she looked at me with huge sad eyes fighting off her tears and said "Because I'm scared Mommy". Then I died a little inside.
 I told her she knew just what to do and that she was going to have lots of fun with her teachers and friends. I reminded her where she would walk and what the first part of her day would be. She recovered quickly but you could tell how nervous she was. She smiled for the camera and lined up.

 I told her to have fun...
...And off she went! I'm sure she is having more fun than I am right now. Sitting here thinking about how fast the time passes. How bittersweet all of these moments are. How I want so badly for her to stay little and be home with me but at the same time being so excited for the future and watching her grow and learn. I can't wait to go and pick her up and hear all about her first day. I'll let you all know what she has to say.

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Karen said...

Oh boy, this makes me feel so old! I love that you're capturing this for her... :)